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Saying NO! to TIF's: The Clear Choice for Smithville Alderman Ward 2

In the upcoming April 2nd election for Alderman of Ward 2 in Smithville, Missouri, the choice is clear: Ronald Russell stands as the candidate who will truly represent the best interests of the community. With a steadfast commitment to opposing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) schemes, Russell has proven himself as a candidate dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of Smithville. Russell was the only Alderman to oppose TIF handouts to real estate developers in a pivotal vote last year.


TIFs, which waive taxes on business for up to 30 years, were once hailed as tools for urban redevelopment. They have instead wreaked havoc on communities across Missouri, and Smithville will be no exception. These schemes often result in increased taxes for residents, while lining the pockets of developers with little to no accountability. The promise of economic growth through TIFs has frequently fallen short, leaving cities burdened with debt and struggling to provide essential services.

Russell's stance against TIFs is not merely lip service; he has demonstrated his commitment through decisive actions, consistently voting against TIF proposals that would harm Smithville's economy and residents. His dedication to fiscal responsibility and transparency sets him apart as a candidate who prioritizes the long-term interests of the community over short-term gains.

In contrast, Russell's opponent, Amanda Maynes, when asked by this lil rock, has failed to provide a clear stance on TIFs and tax abatements, leaving voters in the dark about her true priorities. By refusing to state her views on these critical issues, Maynes demonstrates a lack of transparency and accountability to the residents of Smithville. In a time where informed decision-making is crucial for the city's future, Maynes' ambiguity is a disservice to the electorate.

While Maynes' is supportive of increasing funds for schools and city services, especially those of the Smithville Police Department, her unwillingness to address the destructive impact of TIF's on Smithville raises questions about her suitability for the role of Alderman. How can voters trust a candidate who refuses to take a stand on issues that directly affect the funding mechanism for our schools, police, and fire services? The answer is clear: they cannot.

Smithville deserves a leader like Ronald Russell, who is unafraid to stand up against harmful policies and fight for the best interests of its residents. His track record of principled decision-making and commitment to accountability make him the superior choice for Alderman of Ward 2. On election day, let's choose the candidate who will truly represent the people of Smithville and work tirelessly to build a brighter future for all.


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