White on White

It's a chilling reality that's often swept under the rug: white-on-minority violence is raging across the nation, and it's time to confront it head-on. Persons of color are subjected to a lot of unpredictable violence.

But hold onto your hats, folks, because here's the shocker: those lone alienated white male shooters, be they incels, alt-right, neo nazi, or of the plain grumpy old men variety, well, they are just as likely to take out members of their own race. In the good ol' US of A, it's white-on-white crime that's spinning out of control! FBI stats from 2011 paint a grim picture – a staggering 83% of white murder victims met their end at the hands of fellow Caucasians.

Now, we're not saying every white person's packing heat, far from it. But when you compare us to our pals across the pond in places like Norway, Iceland, or even France, where murder rates are lower than a limbo champ's bar, it's clear we've got a problem.

Some might blame poverty, but hold your horses – our GDP is sky-high, and the average white American's rolling in dough. So what gives?

It gets worse, folks. Women aren't safe either, with a whopping 36% of those killed by white perpetrators being females. That's a higher share than you'd see with POC murderers.

And where's the outrage? President Bidens's been quick to weigh in on everything from men's waistlines to the weather, but he's mum on this crisis. And don't get us started on his predecessors – 43 white presidents, and not a peep about the bloodshed.

Speaking of history, take a stroll through the Capitol and you'll find monuments to Confederate bigwigs like Jefferson Davis, whose legacy is drenched in white-on-white violence.

But enough finger-pointing – it's time for action. With the 2024 elections on the horizon, and both major parties likely fielding white candidates, let's hope we finally get the debate on white violence we've been missing. It's about time we face this harsh reality and work towards a safer, saner America.


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