Trash Bills Increasing.

To Gladstone households...if you currently contract your trash with Platte Valley Sanitation, check your latest bill. Rates have increased $24/quarter AND they will charge $11/mo for recycling starting in January. A warning of the price increase would’ve been nice. This lil rock says its time to switch venders.
Supposedly demand for recycled materials is down due to the recent trade wars with China. China is the worlds biggest consumser of raw materials used for recycling but recently decreased thier orders of US plastic in retaliation for increased US tariffs. And so since the Chinese aint buying our trash anymore, we got to pay to make up the difference.
And Tim Johnston has just answer. "I go with Republic Services" he says "and pay like 90 every three months. I got two large trash bins and it works great as they just dump whatever I put in them into their trucks. I did have WM but they wanted 150 every three months and kept going up in rates."
However this this rock contends switching venders will only prolong the inevitable, soon they will all be increasing prices.


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