As Gladstone Heads Down the Drain, Hy-Vee Flees Homeless Clientele

There was much sadness when the Hy-Vee on Englewood and North Oak closed. But seeing where Gladstone is headed, Hy-Vee saw the writing on the wall and announced that they would be opening a super liqueur store in the same location. This is appropriate considering the seedy tattoo parlors, CBD smoke shops and panhandlers that now frequent the west side of Gladstone. Won't be long till West Gladstone becomes a cesspool of vagrants.  Maybe Gladstone can have its own homeless encampments that will make KC Mayor Q-Ball proud. Oh Wait, H-Vee says never mid they won't be bothering with renovating the location. They are even willing to fight a court battle to get out of their lease. KMBC 9 NEWS has the details. Click Link Here


Anonymous said…
You are not an optimist, are you? You might tone down the extreme sarcasm.