Woke Breakfast Club Remake in the Works


So apparently Hollywood is doing a remake of The Breakfast Club. 35 years after the events of the original Breakfast Club, Vice principal Vernon is still giving out Saturday Detentions. Five​ ​black and Hispanic students of the now mostly minority Shermer High School bond as they attend all-day detention together for what will be the first of twelve all-day detentions they receive that year—a rate of disciplinary action far exceeding that of their white peers. They become a topic of media speculation as Vice Principal Vernon becomes canceled and fired from his job. Anthony Michael Hall from the original movie will be cast as the infamous detention hall monitor.

Anthony Micheal Hall is producing the remake and had this to say.  "It's not a remake of 'The Breakfast Club,' but it's sort of a reimagining," said Hall. "It's a writer-director named Nick Celozzi. He wrote a really great script. And so, in this new version we have... We have Hannah Kepple from 'Cobra Kai' in it and Charlie Gillespie, who has a show called 'Julie and the Phantoms' on Netflix and then Lyric Ross from 'This Is Us.' So this time it's six kids instead of five and Debbie Gibson and I are the two teachers. So I play the assistant principal but there's shades of Paul Gleason there from the original and then Debbie plays their drama teacher."


Anonymous said…
Leave the classics alone with this woke BS!