Price Chopper Food Gone Bad, Angering Gladstone residents.


In the midst of food shortages and price hikes, local Gladstone residents are complaining that the Gladstone Price Chopper stores are failing to remove expired products off their shelves. It could be due to worker shortages. Or possibly a shady and cynical attempt to make money off otherwise bad food. With prices so high, and food stuffs in such high demand, milk a couple days over the expiration date might not seem so bad.

Gladstone resident Mike Reinsch had this to say. "Beware when shopping at Price Chopper on Vivion Road, they sell an awful lot of expired products. When I shop there, I always check the expiration date on everything I plan to buy and the last several weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of expired products on their shelves, Yesterday, it was yogurt, packaged deli meats in the meat dept., salad dressings, etc. If the use by date has passed on the product, I don't buy it and they shouldn't be trying to sell it to you. So be very selective when you show there."

Kimberly Seyller-Francis of Riverside "
 That location is disgusting, and way overpriced. When I used to shop there, I got bad things several times. Milk past date, not just a day or two but a week or more. That is expired not better by. I don’t understand why it is so busy. It is so expensive. There are so many better options."

But is this really just a first world problem? Not all residents mind the slightly dated food, among them Cynthia C. She had this to say "Hey, folks, most food pantries have nothing but expired goods. Lots of older folks use the pantries and so far I haven’t seen or heard of any getting ill or, god forbid, die from expired meat or canned goods. Get used to it, our supply chain is about to hit a bubble, the trucks around surrounding the outer state Hwys in D.C. in protest against the newest fed mandate on them. Geez folks open your eyes, stock up and be ready for anything that may come our way. R U that spoiled, you’ll never survive in a real world crappola problem. People need to be thinking of the Ukrainians right now."

However, Price Chopper is already responding to the situation, with local representative Richard Mantano putting out this statement after My Glad Stone contacted them for comment "Thanks for the information, I will see to it that it gets into the right hands. Our policy company wide is to pull all products, 3 days prior to used by date. I don’t personally know anyone at the location but I’m sure my store director does. I sent him your post and will follow up with him in the morning."


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