"Beware of Con Man Prowling the Streets of North Oak and Antioch Claiming to be a Grandfather in Need"

A swindler is currently preying on the sympathies of kind-hearted individuals in Gladstone, Missouri. The suspect, who identifies himself as Michael Tutera from San Diego, California, alleges that he needs money to travel to St. Louis to rescue his grandchildren from his daughter's abusive partner.

According to reports, the scam artist claims to have lost his wallet and has resorted to contacting the authorities for help. However, a quick investigation on Facebook reveals that this is not the first time he has attempted to pull off this ploy. Witnesses recount that on March 3rd, he was seen doing the same thing in Grandview.

In light of these disturbing revelations, we implore the public not to be taken in by his desperate pleas for cash. This individual is nothing but a fraud, and giving him money will only perpetuate his dishonest schemes. Let us all remain vigilant and work together to bring him to justice."


Anonymous said…
I saw a guy with long gray hair sitting on an elecrtic cart inside the entrance at Gladstone Walmart at 505pm. He was holding a sign that said Im stranded. There was more but I did a quick glance as I left the store.