Porch Pirates Strike

Local residents in the Davidson and Sherwood Estates neighborhoods have reported instances of theft and suspicious activity involving their front porch decor. Kimberly Lakey, a Davidson Neighborhood resident, noticed on Wednesday morning that her flower pot had been stolen from her porch on NE 53rd St.

"I live on NE 53rd St and noticed this morning someone is stealing my flower pot off of our front porch," said Lakey.

Other residents in the area have also expressed concerns about theft. Marsha K of Sherwood Estates shared her experience with porch piracy.

"I have some expensive accent lighting they could just pull up and take. I did have a porch pirate (girl) get out of a car, run up our hill, and spy a box from '3M'. My neighbor saw this and called me. I got in my car and drove in the direction I thought they might have gone and sure enough, they dumped it in the Chouteau Apartments next to Macarenas. There it was stacked upright by the apartment's dumpster. It had been opened only to find my furnace filters 20x 25x 1". Ha ha! So surprised they weren't their size or that it wasn't tech stuff! Got them back!" said K.

However, not everyone believes that theft is the issue. Steven Court, who used to live a block over, suggested that rabbits may be the culprits.

"I used to live a block over, and we had rabbits dig through our porch plants and sometimes move and hide the entire flower pot from us in the process. Maybe it's them?" said Court.

Residents are advised to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and to report any thefts to the local authorities