Quinton Lucas, Political Opportunist in "No Man's Land."


Mayor Q-Ball figured out long ago that the road to personal advancement lies within a White-majority society. This White-dominated society is the one which created the institutions serving as America's bedrock foundation. The legal profession which Lucas pursued remains approximately 86-percent White. According to a 2020 American Bar Association profile, 5-percent of American attorneys are African-American while the U.S. population is 13.4-percent African-American.

If he hadn't gone into politics, we presume Lucas would be practicing law and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with his White wife and biracial child in an upscale KC neighborhood or the suburbs. However, because he made the mistake of becoming a politician, Lucas preys upon the Black urban core for his base of support while portraying himself as a moderate to the White majority. He lies to both groups, while serving himself.

In front of African-American audiences, Lucas alters his speech and grammar, revealing his internal bias and disrespect for those unable to pursue a private prep-school education and Ivy League degrees. In front of a White business crowd or when appearing on national news programs, Lucas delivers a polished speech completely devoid of any hints that the speaker is Black. If you closed your eyes, you'd be hard pressed to discern the race of the person you're listening to.

Most KCMO African-American residents will see no change in their lives from the new KCI, a streetcar that runs from the River Market to the Plaza instead of heading east thru Northeast or the East Side, a new Royals/Chiefs stadium, the recently held NFL Draft, or the coming World Cup Soccer games. These are the things that Lucas talks about in front of White business/developer groups. In Black neighborhoods, Lucas promises Miss Jones that he'll check into abandoned houses, illegal dumping, broken sidewalks, and those murders that happened on her block.

Lucas is not the Mayor we need but he is most certainly the one our pathetic city deserves. 

Quinton Lucas, the political opportunist lurking in the heart of "No Man's Land," has cunningly discovered that his path to personal gain lies within a predominantly White society. He shamelessly capitalizes on the very institutions that form the bedrock of America's greatness—those created by the White majority. Lucas, having chosen a legal career, must confront the fact that the profession he pursued remains overwhelmingly White, with a staggering 86 percent of lawyers falling into that category. Surprisingly, only 5 percent of African-Americans can be found in the legal field, despite comprising 13.4 percent of the U.S. population, according to a 2020 American Bar Association profile.

Had Lucas refrained from entering the treacherous realm of politics, one can imagine him leading a comfortable life, practicing law, and enjoying the company of his White wife and biracial child in a luxurious neighborhood or suburban enclave. However, the grave error of becoming a politician has transformed him into a predator who preys upon the Black urban core to bolster his base of support, all while masquerading as a moderate in the eyes of the White majority. Lucas shamelessly deceives both groups, with his own self-interest driving his every move.

When addressing Black audiences, Lucas conveniently alters his speech and grammar, openly revealing his internal biases and utter disrespect for those who lacked the means to pursue a private prep-school education or Ivy League degrees. However, when he finds himself in the presence of White business elites or graces the screens of national news programs, he magically transforms into an orator of unparalleled eloquence, leaving no trace of his racial identity. If you were to close your eyes and listen to him, discerning the race of the speaker would be an arduous task indeed.

Regrettably, the majority of Kansas City's Black residents are unlikely to witness any tangible improvements in their lives as a result of Lucas' grandiose plans. The newly constructed Kansas City International Airport (KCI), the ToyTrain shuttling passengers from the River Market to the Plaza, the prospect of a new Royals/Chiefs stadium, the recent NFL Draft, or the upcoming World Cup Soccer games—all of these grand gestures are merely talking points used by Lucas when addressing White business and developer groups. In the neighborhoods inhabited by Black residents, Lucas pledges to address pressing issues such as abandoned houses, illegal dumping, broken sidewalks, and the horrifying specter of violence that looms over their streets.

Without a doubt, Lucas has done nothing to warrant a second term. His duplicity and self-serving nature are evident for all to see. Kansas City deserves a leader who genuinely works for the betterment of all its citizens, rather than a political chameleon whose allegiance shifts with the color of the audience. The time has come for a new era of leadership—one that prioritizes integrity, transparency, and equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of race or background.

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