Renegade Coffee Gets Legalized

Last month, we wrote about Renegade Coffee, a covert coffee joint located on North Oak, that captured the attention of coffee enthusiasts since its hidden opening in January. True to it's name, it was a renegade, operating under a catering license, a less than legal underground pop-up store.  Coffee enthusiasts embraced its exclusivity and sporadic opening hours, adding to its allure. However that has come to an end because Renegade Coffee has now been fully legalized. Co-owner Joe Esry announced that Renegade has finally received thier licencing as a restaurant from the Clay County Health department and signed a permanent lease, allowing them to set regular hours without the fear of being shutdown. Coffee speakeasy no more, but the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. 
Check it out at 8708 North Oak Trafficway, Tues-Sat 11AM-9PM 


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