Homeless Man Trespassing, Urinates on Residence, KCPD Makes No Arrest

Increase in Vagrants Hits Northland Kansas City as Homeless Man Claims 'Consent' from Neighbors
Residents urged to stay vigilant amidst growing vagrancy concerns
Northland Kansas City, MO — The quiet neighborhood near 68th & Waukomis in Northland Kansas City woke up to an unsettling scene this morning as a homeless man was discovered sleeping outside a local residence. With vagrancy becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in the area, residents are being warned to remain watchful and take necessary precautions.

The man, described as having mostly grey/brown hair with a grey beard, was found on foot with a suitcase and other belongings, which he left near the street while he slept. Although the concerned neighbors opted for a non-confrontational approach, offering the man a bottle of water, the situation quickly escalated when local law enforcement arrived.

According to police reports, the homeless individual claimed that the homeowners had essentially given him consent to stay, as they provided him with water and did not explicitly instruct him to leave. However, it should be noted that the property was marked with clear "no trespassing" signs.

In an effort to avoid conflict, the homeowners refrained from asking the man to leave and instead awaited the arrival of the authorities. The incident took an even more troubling turn when it was discovered that the homeless man had relieved himself, urinating near the residence, as the homeowners overheard the act taking place. The police stated that had they visually witnessed this behavior, they would have had grounds for arrest.

Additionally, it was revealed that the homeless man had been utilizing an outside outlet to charge a device, further raising concerns among the residents regarding potential safety risks.

With the recent surge in vagrants in the Northland Kansas City area, community members are now being urged to maintain heightened awareness and take proactive measures to protect their properties and personal safety. While compassion and empathy are admirable qualities, it is crucial to balance them with the need for personal security.

Authorities advise residents to report any suspicious or concerning activities to the KCPD promptly. Additionally, it is recommended to secure outdoor areas, ensure proper lighting, and maintain clear communication with neighbors to stay informed about any unusual incidents in the vicinity.

As Northland Kansas City grapples with the rise in homelessness, community leaders and local organizations are working tirelessly to address the root causes and provide support for those in need. However, it remains essential for residents to remain vigilant and maintain their personal safety in these challenging times.

Remember, awareness and cooperation within the community are paramount in effectively addressing this issue and ensuring the well-being of all Northland Kansas City residents. Stay watchful, stay safe.


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Because they all are being pushed out of the inner city to the suburbs……..Lucas doesn’t want them where he lives!