Hooligan Kids Engaging in Destructive Summer Actions

HARBORVIEW — Residents of the peaceful Harborview suburb off of North Brighton and Pleasant Valley Rd are facing a wave of mischief this summer as unidentified minors engage in destructive acts and disruptive behavior. Concerned homeowners have reported instances of children ringing doorbells and swiftly retreating, while some incidents have escalated to the destruction of cherished porch flowers. Frustratingly, despite photographic evidence provided to the local police, no action has been taken to identify the culprits.
The situation came to light when Terri Hoppis, a resident of Harborview, took to a neighborhood online forum seeking answers and support. Hoppis initially expressed her frustration, stating, "Is anyone else having trouble with the kids this summer, ringing the doorbell and running away? I don't mind this, but it has now escalated to destroying the flowers on my porch." Hoppis went on to reveal that a vigilant neighbor managed to capture footage of one of the incidents but was unable to apprehend the individual.

Monica Tanzey Smith, another concerned resident, responded to Hoppis's post, suggesting that the video evidence be sent to the Harborview Homeowners Association (HOA) board for further investigation. Smith believed that the mischievous acts might be linked to a group that has caused trouble at the community pool and playground in the past. Hoppis regretfully informed Smith that she did not have a camera system installed.

As the online discussion continued, Dennis Claus urged residents to share the precise location of these incidents so that others could be on high alert. In response, Hoppis disclosed that the occurrences took place at the Fletcher and Newport corner in Harborview, enabling neighbors to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures.

In the hopes of obtaining additional evidence, Michael F. reached out to Rachel Eberth, another resident with a camera system, to check if any suspicious activity was captured on her property. Eberth reported that although she noticed a couple of children walking down the road during the stated time frames, they did not engage in any suspicious behavior.

Realizing the need for increased surveillance, Hoppis made the decision to invest in a camera system to monitor her property. Rachel Eberth empathized with Hoppis and offered support, mentioning that her own camera system might not have captured any activity near Hoppis's house due to the distance between their properties.

Amidst the discussions, Barbara Huke from North Smithville expressed her opinion that it was the parents' responsibility to address their children's behavior. She placed blame on the "lazy parents" for the troublesome acts witnessed in Harborview.

As residents continued to share their experiences, Danielle Baxter revealed that besides the group of boys mentioned earlier, there was also a group of younger girls in Harborview engaged in destructive acts. Baxter described their activities, which included climbing trees, pulling branches, and uprooting flowers from pots and flower beds near houses.

While some residents downplayed the severity of these incidents as mere childhood pranks, others, like Barbara Huke, argued that trespassing and vandalizing personal property warranted stronger language. The debate continues among Harborview residents regarding the appropriate course of action to curb these incidents and hold the responsible individuals accountable.

As the community grapples with this growing concern, it remains to be seen whether increased surveillance and community cooperation will help identify and deter those responsible for the recent mischief. Concerned residents hope for a swift resolution, ensuring the tranquility and safety of their beloved neighborhood.


Anonymous said…
This is not news
Anonymous said…
It's News to me. Peple who say this is normal childish behavior are likely the parents of these children. When I was a kid growing up this was called more than being a prankster. It was called disrespectful and antagonistic to our neighbors, and our parents, and they would've disciplined us severely, made us replace, repair, and apologize to our neighbors in person. Before my time, kids turned over outhouses as a prank, too. Guess it depends on who has to do the Clean up and repairs caused by bratty kids, huh? If one gets hurt on your property today, guess who can be sued by their negligent parents? The homeowner is who. What if the brats cause pet dogs to be aggressive and the rowdies retaliate and get bitten? Then it's news for sure, right? Then everybody, including the news reports, would blame the dog; city officials would demand the pet be destroyed. That sound fair to you? We made a few "prankster" phone calls to pharmacies looking for olive oil on popeyes behalf and hung up. Toilet papered trees along the roadway etc. And if we got caught we were punished and made to clean up, or restricted from using the phone for two weeks. It's called teaching children respect for others and how to be responsible adults who know the difference between right and wrong. Accepting blame for their actions. Left unpunished they will grow up to be the adults you don't want to be associated with, or live nextdoor to because they are Jerks, to put it mildly. Kind of like those who make light of newsworthy topics in Community Event Publications. (>:--/)