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Kansas City Entertainment Venue Faces Accusations of Double Charges and Billing Errors

Byline: William H Gladstone 

Date: June 5, 2023

Kansas City, MO - The Sandbox at PowerPlay, a popular entertainment establishment located at 509 NW Barry Rd, has recently come under scrutiny as several patrons report incidents of double charges and billing errors. Customers have raised concerns about the venue's billing practices, citing multiple instances where their debit cards were charged twice for a single transaction.

Emily Sanders, a Liberty resident, recounted her experience at The Sandbox, stating, "I've had that happen. I've also had more drinks than I ordered added to my tab. Now I always ask to see a printout before I let them run it." Sanders further shared that her daughter and her friends had encountered similar issues on previous visits, leading her to believe that these incidents were not isolated.

Another customer, James Hellers, expressed his frustration, saying, "Unfortunately, it hasn't been reversed. The other parties that had this problem prior told me Sandbox is not easy to work with in getting this corrected. UGH." Hellers' statement suggests that previous patrons had encountered difficulties in resolving the double charges with the establishment.

David Oaks, a resident of Gladstone, further supported the claims made by other customers, stating, "The manager, gets belligerent when you bring this to his attention and acts put out to have to correct it. It has happened to me and my friends numerous times too, and that's why we quit going." Oaks' account indicates a recurring pattern of billing errors and a lack of responsiveness from management in addressing the issue.

While some incidents of double charging may be accidental, it is possible that the venue's payment processing machines are overly sensitive, registering multiple charges even from slight movements or taps on the card. One customer shared an example of this occurrence, mentioning that they were currently waiting for a reversal of a charge where this had happened. Both the customer and the waitress recognized the error immediately.

The Sandbox at PowerPlay potentially faces legal liability if enough affected customers come forward to pursue legal action against the establishment for deceptive billing practices. If proven, such practices could be seen as a violation of consumer rights.

This happy lil rock reached out to The Sandbox for comment, which is provided below . As customers continue to voice their concerns and share their experiences, it remains to be seen how The Sandbox will address these allegations and rectify the situation.

It is advised that customers who have experienced similar issues contact their financial institutions and the appropriate authorities to report any potential fraudulent charges and seek reimbursement for any erroneous transactions.

As the controversy surrounding The Sandbox at PowerPlay unfolds, customers and community members eagerly await a resolution to ensure fair and transparent billing practices at this popular Kansas City venue.