Break-In Reported in Oakwood Park-

 Community Seeks Information

Gladstone, October 24, 2023 - A break-in on NE Cowden Drive in Gladstone has left the community on edge, as valuable tools were stolen over the weekend. Local residents are now seeking information or surveillance footage from nearby video cameras to help identify the culprits.

On the morning of October 22, 2023, the resident on NE Cowden Drive woke up to the disheartening discovery that their property 

had been unlawfully breached. Thieves targeted a home located near the intersection of NE 62nd St and N. Harrison St, making off with a substantial collection of tools.

Authorities were promptly alerted, and an investigation into the incident is currently underway. Local law enforcement is urging anyone with information related to the break-in to come forward. Additionally, they are requesting that residents in the vicinity who possess security cameras check their footage for any suspicious activity.

Neighbors are rallying together, sharing information on social media platforms and offering their support to the affected homeowner. Gladstone has a tight-knit community, and the shared determination to identify those responsible for this crime is evident.

One neighbor, Jane Smith, expressed her concern, saying, "We've always had a strong sense of security in this neighborhood. It's disheartening to see something like this happen so close to home. We're going to do everything we can to assist the police in their investigation."

In today's interconnected world, security camera footage often plays a pivotal role in solving such cases. Law enforcement is urging those who may have captured any suspicious activity in the vicinity of NE Cowden Drive over the weekend to provide their footage for review.

Gladstone Police Department spokesperson, Officer David Ramirez, stated, "Every piece of information can be critical in solving this case. We appreciate the proactive response from the community and are committed to bringing those responsible to justice."

Residents are encouraged to contact the Gladstone Police Department with any tips or information related to the break-in. The Gladstone Police Department can be reached at (555) 123-4567.

As the investigation unfolds, the Gladstone community remains vigilant and determined to ensure that their neighborhoods continue to be safe and secure.