Go Chicken Go's Delayed Northland Opening Sparks Frustration

The highly anticipated opening of Go Chicken Go's new location on Vivion Road and North Oak in Kansas City North has been subject to delay and legal issues, causing a mixture of impatience and anticipation among local residents. Claiming they are in litigation regarding the property purchase, Go Chicken Go expects to start construction in 6 to 8 months. But we have all heard that before right?As evidenced by their website, Go Chicken Go continues to promise a new opening soon. https://gochickengo.com/locations/

Go Chicken Go, fondly loved by Kansas City Locals for their unique chicken, began their purchase of the property for their Northland venture over three years ago, but to date, there are no signs of construction, leaving residents wondering when they can finally indulge in their favorite fried chicken.

Local frustration with the delay was humorously compared to waiting for Santa to deliver the coveted GI Joe aircraft carrier by Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington, who said, "Starting to think waiting on Go Chicken Go to actually open its Kansas City North location is a lot like asking Santa for the GI Joe aircraft carrier. 37 years later and I still don't have it." Perhaps Jason can make that one of his campaign promises.

Commenters on social media were quick to add their thoughts with one making a light-hearted reference to the construction of the Great Wall of China taking over 2000 years, humorously comparing it to the delay in opening Northland Go Chicken Go.

With the anticipation building up among local residents, Go Chicken Go's delayed opening in Kansas City North remains a topic of discussion, leaving the community eagerly awaiting the day when they can finally enjoy their favorite chicken dishes at the new location.


Anonymous said…
Can we put go chicken go/vivion road on the voting ballot?