North Kansas City Residents Demand Answers from Clay County Leaders Amid Stadium Concerns

 The residents of North Kansas City are voicing their concerns and demanding answers as discussions surrounding the potential construction of a stadium in their city continue. It has come to light that NKC leaders have yet to meet with representatives of the "Royals," raising questions about the transparency of the decision-making process.

"I want to know why our leaders have not met with Royals representatives," one concerned resident remarked. "Even if I believed that it's a good idea, I want to understand why it hasn't happened. We, as residents, have a multitude of questions that need answers."

Amid these uncertainties, residents have pointed out that Clay County Commissioners, including Jason Withington, Jerry Nolte, and Scott Wagner, have engaged in discussions about the stadium project. This has led to concerns that their perspectives do not accurately represent the views of North Kansas City residents.

"We're worried that these discussions are taking place without our input," said another resident. "We don't want hand-picked representatives to validate the desire for the stadium. We need our voices to be heard."

The specter of Kansas City annexing North Kansas City has also added to residents' anxieties. Historical tensions between the two cities have been present since 1946, and some fear that the stadium's construction could pave the way for such an annexation.

"Our residents are worried about their homes, their businesses, and the small-town feel of North Kansas City," expressed a concerned resident. "Many of us feel hopeless and helpless as decisions about our town's future are being made by people who don't live here."

Residents have a long list of concerns and questions they want answered, but it appears that there is a lack of willingness to address these issues.

In a significant development, one local business owner revealed that they received an email "invitation" to a Royals game, raising concerns about the potential consequences of the stadium's arrival.

The business owner expressed two major concerns: firstly, the possibility of a rent increase by their property owner that could render their business unaffordable, a trend already affecting other businesses in NKC. Secondly, the fear that their property owner may sell the building/lot and retire, potentially forcing them to relocate or even close their business due to rising rents throughout North Kansas City.

"I don't have the luxury of going to Clay County residents for a tax to support my business," the business owner noted. "I understand the principles of survival of the fittest and free enterprise, but I need reassurance that my business, my home, and my town won't become casualties of this project."

As the debate over the stadium's future in North Kansas City continues, residents are left with a pressing need for clarity and transparency from their local leaders and decision-makers. They are adamant that their concerns must be addressed, and their voices heard before any final decisions are made.


Jason Withington said…
Mindy knows KCMO can't annexation NKC unless 2/3 of NKC residents vote for it. Also, KCMO's fund balance will hit ZERO in the next 5 years. So they can't afford to annex NKC.