Turkey at Anne Garney Park. Is anyone missing one of these?

 Kansas City Northland is known for its beautiful parks and natural wonders, but in a bizarre turn of events, Anne Gurney Park near Staley High School recently played host to some unexpected and uninvited guests – a group of wild turkeys! While these feathered comedians aren't exactly the headlining act you'd expect, their visit to the park left both residents and visitors in stitches. Join us as we delve into the hilarious tale of the turkey takeover at Anne Gurney Park.

It all began on a sunny Saturday morning when families and picnickers flocked to Anne Gurney Park to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. Little did they know that a group of mischievous turkeys had decided to crash the party. These feathered fiends strutted onto the scene as if they owned the place, turning heads and raising eyebrows as they wobbled their way through the park.