Coyote Concert Startles Northland Residents

The quiet neighborhood in Nashua, just north of Gladstone, experienced an unexpected wildlife symphony in the early hours of the morning as residents were startled by the howls and yips of nearby coyotes. The unusual nighttime serenade prompted a flurry of online discussions among the community.

Bailey J. S., a resident and the first to bring attention to the peculiar incident, shared a video capturing the vocal performance of the coyotes around 2:45 am. The post quickly garnered attention from fellow neighbors, leading to a lively conversation about the unusual encounter.

Jeanette McColm, a resident from Highland View, described the experience as "loud" and humorously suggested that the sounds were reminiscent of hyenas. Bailey J. S. agreed, admitting, "My first thought was hyenas, and I could NOT connect the dots - then I realized what they were. I felt so silly! 🤣"

Miquel Circello shared his own experiences, revealing that he had heard the coyotes multiple times recently. Concerns were raised about the safety of small pets, with Miquel mentioning a reported incident of a coyote attempting to attack a dog in the area.

Todd Newburgh, residing in the cul-de-sac at 119th Ter and Forest, added his account of the coyotes' nocturnal activities. "They’ve been hanging around Rocky Branch which is directly behind my house for the last few nights. Lots of wildlife roam the creek north and south of 435," he remarked.

Bailey J. S. responded to Todd's comment, realizing they were neighbors. "I too am in that cul-de-sac. Just moved in last month!" Bailey said.

Other residents chimed in from different parts of Nashua, including Kristel McGinnis near Zona Rosa and Brandi Edwards from Smithville, expressing their surprise at the proximity of the coyotes.

While the presence of wildlife is not uncommon in suburban areas, the close encounter with the vocal coyote pack has left residents both amused and on alert. As the conversation continues online, it appears that the residents of Fairfield will be keeping an ear out for more nighttime wildlife concerts in the days to come.