Murder Rates Stay Low in KC Northland

In a stark divergence from crime statistics in south and central Kansas City, the murder rate in the Northland has remained relatively low, recording only eight homicides this year with no increase from last year. There were two murders in Gladstone in 2023. This stands in sharp contrast to south of the river, where murders are surging at an alarming rate with 165 recorded thru December 5th. 
According to data from the Kansas City Police Department, available at, the Northland has experienced a remarkably low number of homicides in 2023, with the year drawing to a close at a total of eight reported cases. This statistic represents a welcome trend for the community, as it continues to be one of the safer areas within Kansas City.

On the contrary, the southern part of the city is grappling with a concerning rise in the number of murders. The report indicates a significant increase in homicides south of the river, creating a growing cause for concern among residents and law enforcement alike. The detailed analysis reveals a sharp contrast between the two regions, as the southern neighborhoods witness an upward trajectory in violent crime.

Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the root causes behind the surge in murders in the southern part of Kansas City. Factors such as socioeconomic conditions, community engagement, and policing strategies are likely to come under scrutiny as authorities work to address the underlying issues contributing to the rise in violent incidents.

Community leaders in the Northland are cautiously optimistic about the low murder rate, emphasizing the importance of community involvement, outreach programs, and effective policing strategies in maintaining a safe environment. Meanwhile, leaders and residents south of the river are expressing their concerns and urging collaborative efforts to curb the alarming trend in violent crime.

As the year comes to a close, the divergence in murder rates between the Northland and the southern areas of Kansas City underscores the complexity of addressing crime and the need for tailored solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents across the city.