Residents on High Alert After Dog Napping Attempt in Bristol Park


Bristol Park, Gladstone, MO — In a chilling incident that unfolded on Wednesday evening around 9 PM, residents of Bristol Park neighborhood were shaken when two individuals were caught attempting to steal dogs from a local residence. Deborah Bracker, a concerned resident, recounted the harrowing experience, urging fellow pet owners to be vigilant when letting their dogs out.

"I live in Bristol Park, and on Wednesday evening, approximately 9 PM, there were two individuals reaching over our fence in an attempt, we believe, to steal our dogs! Be aware when you let your dogs out!" Bracker exclaimed.

According to Bracker, the thieves took the dogs and transported them to an unknown location before dumping them. Fortunately, her dog was equipped with a microchip, leading to a swift recovery by the dog catcher in Riverside, near the police station. Shockingly, one of Bracker's dogs had suffered harm as it was discovered with a burn mark from a cigarette on its ear.

"They better hope I don’t catch them in the act of doing it is all I will say about that," Bracker warned.

This incident sheds light on an alarming trend that has been affecting the community for some time. Bracker suggests that dog thefts have seen periodic upticks, particularly during holidays, which are historically associated with increased criminal activity.

"I have a privacy-fenced backyard, but I never leave my dogs outside alone. People case houses looking for who does leave their dogs out, etc. Some people are just terrible," Bracker added, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness among pet owners.

This isn't the first time Bristol Park residents have faced pet-related issues. Bracker recalled a disturbing incident from her previous residence where her dog fell victim to a malicious act when someone threw something over the fence, causing the dog to become sick for an entire day.

As the community grapples with this unsettling wave of dog thefts, local authorities are urging residents to take extra precautions, including keeping a close eye on their pets and ensuring the security of their homes. Law enforcement is actively investigating the incident and working to identify the individuals involved.

Pet owners are encouraged to microchip their dogs, as it proved instrumental in the swift recovery of Bracker's pets. Additionally, neighbors are urged to report any suspicious activity to the local authorities to aid in the apprehension of those responsible for these heartless acts. The Bristol Park community remains on high alert, united in their determination to protect their beloved furry companions from potential harm