Gladstone News

Weather Challenges Impacting Trash Pickup


In recent days, residents in Gladstone and Pleasant Valley have experienced challenges with trash pickup due to icy conditions on streets. Blacksher Trash Service, responded to concerns raised by the community, shedding light on the impact of winter weather on their operations. Blacksher advised their customers to contact public service departments for ice and snow removal and emphasized that trash pickup would not occur on any road that was not cleared.

Elizabeth Sarcione, a resident, expressed frustration, stating that residents should not have to call public works for street maintenance if they pay taxes. Others echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the inconvenience caused by icy streets and the lack of trash pickup.

Kevin Blacksher explained that while main streets were in better condition, side streets remained untreated. He urged residents to ensure their trash was out before the truck arrived and asked for specific road names to address the issue promptly.

KNicole Quirk shared her experience of Pleasant Valley not having trash picked up for a week, even after public works plowed the streets. Kevin Blacksher responded, noting that they were there picking up trash on Wednesday and inquired about the specific road facing issues.

Residents such as Sue Hollon expressed gratitude for the trash pickup in Pleasant Valley, while others like Cheryl Tucker Mercer sought clarification on whether trash would be picked up on clear roads. Rylee Halstead shared her dissatisfaction with Republic Services, expressing difficulty in getting her trash picked up despite clear streets.

The discussion also touched on the reported shortage of drivers, potentially contributing to delays in trash pickup. Some residents shared their scheduled pickup dates, while others humorously accepted the situation, like John Emmit Palomino, whose pickup was scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Jennifer Turner Piatt and Brenda Elsberry highlighted issues with trash on their streets, prompting responses from Kevin Blacksher, emphasizing the challenges on side streets.

While some streets, like River Rd, were reported as clean, the overall sentiment among residents reflected frustration and inconvenience. Suggestions were made to contact insurance agents and explore alternative trash services, emphasizing the importance of timely and reliable trash pickup services.

As winter weather continues to impact communities, it is essential for residents to stay informed about the status of trash pickup and work collaboratively with local services to address challenges posed by inclement weather.