Candidate Ali McClain in the Running for Mayor of Smithville

Former Cuban-American Refugee Vows to Uphold American Values in Smithville.

In a bid to steer Smithville toward a future rooted in freedom and opportunity, Ali McClain is running for Mayor in the upcoming April 2nd election. A Cuban-American immigrant whose family arrived in the United States with only the clothes on their backs in November 1966 when she was only 4 years old, McClain embodies the resilience and spirit of the American Dream.

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, McClain's family fled the oppressive regime of Fidel Castro, seeking refuge in the land of liberty. Despite facing obstacles such as unrecognized college degrees and the necessity for her parents to work menial jobs to support their family, McClain experienced the quintessential Midwestern upbringing in Chicago, Illinois.

However, McClain's journey from immigrant to aspiring mayor has been shaped by her unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy. Concerned by the resurgence of socialist ideology in American discourse, she draws parallels between the oppressive regime in Cuba and concerning trends she perceives in Smithville, Missouri.

"Freedoms are not gifts; they are rights we must constantly defend," McClain asserts, emphasizing the need to safeguard individual liberties from encroaching government overreach. Her decision to enter politics at the age of 60 reflects her determination to ensure that the voices of all Smithville residents are heard and represented.

McClain's platform prioritizes tangible improvements for the community, ranging from infrastructure projects to economic revitalization efforts. Her agenda includes initiatives such as installing sidewalks for the safety of schoolchildren, fostering collaboration between the city and schools, and promoting local businesses.

Furthermore, McClain aims to harness the potential of Smithville Lake as a tourism destination, advocate for affordable housing options, and address critical issues like animal control and road maintenance. Her vision for Smithville extends beyond immediate concerns, encompassing the preservation of its rich history and the revitalization of community events.

"Let's be proactive," McClain urges, emphasizing the importance of responsible growth and inclusive governance. With her background as an immigrant who cherishes the freedoms afforded by her adopted country, McClain pledges to uphold the values that make America great while steering Smithville towards a brighter future.

As the April 2nd election approaches, Ali McClain's candidacy offers Smithville residents a compelling vision for progress.


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