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Clay County Public Health Center Disables Social Media Comments

In a recent development, Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington has drawn attention to the decision made by the Clay County Public Health Center - Missouri, to disable comments on their social media posts. Withington stated that he has been contacted by numerous constituents expressing their concerns regarding this action.

Despite the outcry, Withington clarified that the Clay County Commission lacks the authority to intervene in the decisions made by the health board. However, he did take the initiative to reach out to Director Zaborac for clarification on the matter.

According to Director Zaborac, the health board is currently in the process of formulating a social media policy. As part of this process, they have temporarily disabled the comment function on their entire page. Zaborac emphasized that this measure is only temporary and is being implemented while the policy is being developed.

In response to this explanation, Commissioner Withington expressed his viewpoint on the matter. He acknowledged the importance of establishing a social media policy to ensure responsible engagement and communication with the public. However, Withington also emphasized the significance of transparency and open dialogue, particularly during times when public health issues are at the forefront.

"While I understand the need for a social media policy, it's crucial that we maintain transparency and avenues for public input," Withington remarked. "Ensuring that the community can engage and express their concerns is paramount, especially when it comes to matters of public health."

Withington's statement reflects the broader sentiment among Clay County residents who value transparency and accessibility in government communications. As the health board proceeds with the development of its social media policy, there is an expectation that provisions will be made to facilitate public engagement while also upholding standards of decorum and accountability.

As the situation unfolds, residents and stakeholders will be monitoring closely to ensure that the eventual social media policy strikes a balance between fostering open dialogue and maintaining orderliness in online interactions.