Four Candidates Vie for Seats on Gladstone City Council in April Elections

As the city of Gladstone gears up for its upcoming City Council elections on April 2, 2024, residents are eager to see who will emerge as their representatives for the next term. With two seats up for grabs, four candidates have thrown their hats into the ring, each bringing their unique perspectives and visions for the future of the city.

The candidates vying for a seat on the Gladstone City Council are Spencer Davis, Cody McElroy, Mike Ebenroth, and Jean Moore. Each candidate comes from diverse backgrounds and brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Spencer Davis, a local Entrepreneur and community activist, has been a vocal advocate for small businesses and sustainable development in Gladstone. With a background in urban planning, Davis hopes to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the City Council.

Cody McElroy, an IT specialist, has centered his campaign on issues of education, youth empowerment, and community engagement. McElroy's grassroots approach has resonated with many residents, particularly parents and young people looking for a voice in local government.

Mike Ebenroth, a longtime resident and retired civil servant, has emphasized fiscal responsibility and transparency in his campaign platform. Ebenroth's experience as a Compliance coordinator at REMAX Revolution has garnered him support from residents who prioritize accountability and prudent management of taxpayer dollars.

Jean Moore, a market research professional and advocate for affordable housing, has made addressing issues of wayward youth and food insecurity a cornerstone of her campaign. Moore's compassionate approach to governance has struck a chord with residents concerned about social justice and equity in Gladstone.

The upcoming City Council elections are expected to be closely contested, with each candidate working tirelessly to garner support from voters across the city. As April 2 draws nearer, residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the candidates' platforms and make informed decisions at the polls.


Anonymous said…
The information on Jean Moore is substantially inaccurate.

Mayor Moore's campaign website and her bio can be accessed here:

Be sure to vote on April 2!