Social Media Rollup on Chiefs Rally Shooting

 by Shane Sandstrom

I don't watch the news. It's boring. I get all my info from social media. . .here's the truth!! The culprits were a young old gang members that were American and also immigrant terrorists, we only have republicans, Democrats and bad parents with mental health issues in a society to blame. We can resolve the issue with not controlling gun control, putting prayers back in school then taking them back out. (Pretty much, whatever u personally don't like or dislike, blame that & u can find a news source or podcast or celebrity or athlete to back it up.) The governor just publicly signed a bill allowing children to buy & carry guns while publicly stating he's not signing a bill. So far, no fingers are being pointed at the Bigfoot Illuminati of lizard ppl of flat earth, which I find surprising!! Now that we have that cleared up, they just put Oppenheimer on peacock, which I'm gonna watch, to get my mind off all this violence & death & destroyer of worlds!! Again, this info has been gathered from social media. This app specifically. I haven't checked fb, x, or reddit yet. I'm not even gonna check tik tok, that's filled with misinformation!! Satirically sincerely, yr friendly neighborhood painter Shane, bids u all a good night!!


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