Camp Out for Duck Donut Freebies Sparks Sidewalk Fire

 Donut Enthusiasts Go to Extremes: Camp Out for Freebies Sparks Sidewalk Fire

In a bizarre turn of events, donut lovers in Gladstone, eager to snag a year's supply of free donuts from Duck Donuts found themselves in a sticky situation when their excitement led to an impromptu campout that resulted in a sidewalk fire.

The frenzy began when Duck Donuts announced a promotion offering free donuts for a year to the first 10 people in line at the grand opening of their new store on Antioch Rd. A long line was camped out last night by 7pm. Determined to claim this delectable prize, enthusiasts set up camp outside the establishment in hopes of securing their spot at the front of the line.

However, the excitement quickly turned chaotic when one overzealous camper decided to light a fire in a nearby fire pit to keep warm during the chilly night. Unfortunately, the location of the fire pit raised eyebrows as it was dangerously close to the building and on public property. Eyewitnesses described the scene as a mix of anticipation and amusement, with some expressing concern over the safety hazard posed by the impromptu bonfire.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw flames shooting up from the sidewalk," said one bystander, who wished to remain anonymous. "I mean, who brings a fire pit to a donut campout?"

Local authorities were soon alerted to the situation and the Gladstone Fire Department swiftly intervened to extinguish the flames. While no serious damage was reported, the incident served as a reminder of the importance of safety precautions, especially in public spaces.

As news of the peculiar incident spread, social media was abuzz with reactions ranging from amusement to disbelief. Many took to platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts and jokes about the unexpected turn of events.

"Guess those donuts really are fire," quipped one Twitter user.

Despite the commotion, Duck Donuts remained undeterred, assuring customers that the promotion would proceed as planned, albeit with a reminder to prioritize safety.

As dawn broke and the campers dispersed, it was clear that while their quest for free donuts may have hit a snag, the memory of the sidewalk fire would be one for the books. And for those who missed out on the promotion? Perhaps they'll think twice before setting up camp for the next sweet deal that comes their way.


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