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Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte Announces Candidacy for State Senate in District 17 Republican Primary


Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte has officially declared his candidacy for the upcoming Republican primary for the State Senate in District 17. In a press release Nolte announced that addressing critical public safety needs and helping families recover from inflation will remain cornerstones of his campaign.

Throughout his tenure as Clay County Commissioner, Nolte has been a steadfast advocate for crucial issues affecting the county. His platform reflects a focus on pressing matters such as illegal immigration, border security, and combating human trafficking. Drawing on his experience as Chair of the Immigration Committee during his time in the Missouri House, Nolte has spearheaded efforts to tighten immigration restrictions and enhance border security, ensuring the safety and security of his constituents.

Nolte’s dedication to responsible government spending and tax reduction is evident in his record of achievement. He has consistently advocated for prudent fiscal policies, leading to property tax decreases and ensuring a tangible return on investment for taxpayers. Nolte’s commitment to promoting economic growth and job creation led to his sponsorship of the Manufacturing Jobs Act, which played a pivotal role in retaining the Ford Claycomo plant and securing significant investments in the district’s economy. “I am proud of my work to help bolster our local economy and create jobs in Clay County. Whether it’s through initiatives like the Manufacturing Jobs Act or advocating for strategic investments in infrastructure and community development projects, my focus remains on fostering economic growth and prosperity for all residents,” Nolte said. “Right now our families are feeling the economic crunch of higher prices at the pump and grocery store. I will continue to fight to provide quality jobs and tax relief for our families every change I get.

In addressing general crime and public safety, Nolte has demonstrated unwavering support for law enforcement and initiatives to combat crime. His efforts to secure funding for vital law enforcement resources, such as the new Gladstone Dispatch Center and essential equipment like bulletproof vests, underscore his commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. “Ensuring the safety and security of Clay County has always been my top priority,” Nolte said. “From securing vital resources for law enforcement to standing firm against attempts to defund our Sheriff’s office, I remain steadfast in my commitment to keeping our communities safe and secure.”

Commissioner Jerry Nolte’s candidacy represents a continuation of his tireless advocacy for the people of Clay County and a testament to his unwavering commitment to effective governance and principled leadership.


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