Wildlife invading Gladstone

Been seeing more Coyotes and Foxes lately, not to mention the deer and geese just standing there in the middle of the road. I know a couple of people who claimed they saw a bobcat. I haven't seen any coyote packs around here. Only seen solo ones and I saw a mom with her pups. I have read that Coyotes don't run in packs, they form mating pairs. Occasionally Coyotes team up in packs to hunt big game on wild land in national parks. But with so many trash dumpsters, rodents, and squirrels in the city, they don't really need to form packs. They are aggressive, saw one chase two dogs away from a trash bag and then pull out some leftover meat. The trash dumpsters are why we are seeing so many of them in the city in the last 10 years. They discovered that humans don't shoot them anymore and leave easy sources of food everywhere! They live like stray dogs now. I imagine it is the same story with the foxes. Won't be long before we get Bears and Wild Boars!


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