Mayor Q-Ball Making Moves to Establish KC Sanctuary City Despite Northland Opposition.

Kansas City, USA - In a move that paves the way in establishing Kansas City as a sanctuary city, Mayor Quinton Lucas has thrown a curveball at the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) by suggesting the city might just do better on its own. How quaint! MARC is a nonprofit association of city and county governments and the metropolitan planning organization for the bistate Kansas City region and as it becomes apparent that Lucas is inviting migrants who have been shipped to New York City and welcoming them to move to Kansas City to find jobs. Lucas shared an interview he did with Bloomberg on his social media claiming he's working with New York Mayor Eric Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston to ease migration pressure on their cities. Initially, Mayor Q-Ball made no distinction between lawful migrants and illegal aliens leading to

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey fuming and threatening to put the cuffs on Q-Ball. Meanwhile, Northland KC Councilman Nathan Willett was busy introducing a resolution against sanctuary zones that Mayor Q-ball will shut down real fast. Clay & Platte County Commissioners Jerry Nolte and Scott Fricker have served a joint statement on KC Mayor Lucas, inviting community, city, and other metro county commissions to join the effort and oppose the political move. The truth is that Q-Ball's Plans to make KC a sanctuary city for wetbacks and terrorists migrants will find little support among the Suburban councilmen and county commissioners in Clay, Platte, and Eastern Jackson County. Hence the need for a new organization that truly reflects the dictates of wokeness forward-thinking that will take KC into a shiny beacon of prosperity.

Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington had this to say: "It's rather unfortunate that just 5 years after the Mid-America Regional Council region worked together to give the City of Kansas City $40M of federal dollars off the top for the new Buck O'Neil Bridge Mayor Quinton Lucas wants to take his ball and go home."

The proposal, reminiscent of a teenager rebelling against their parents, entails creating a shiny new entity called the Kansas City Metropolitan Planning Organization (KCMO-MPO), because apparently, Kansas City is just too special to share transportation planning responsibilities with its regional neighbors.

In a statement that surely left MARC officials scratching their heads, Mayor Lucas highlighted the "unique transportation planning needs" of Kansas City as if the city exists in a vacuum devoid of any connection to the broader metropolitan area. Who needs collaboration when you can have isolationism, right?

Former Clay County Commissioner Jay Lawson opined "Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte commented on KC Mayor Lucas working with Denver and New York City to bring migrants to Kansas City… Paraphrasing Commissioner Nolte..who suggested/recommended that Lucas should have included leaders from other counties and cities in the metro area before extending the invitation…. Platte, Cass, Jackson, Ray, Clinton Counties and all city leaders in those countries will be affected when migrants find the region open. Commissioner Nolte is exactly right.. Mayor Lucas needs to learn to be a team player.."

The notion that MARC's broad geographic coverage dilutes the focus on Kansas City's specific transportation issues is a real gem. Because obviously, addressing regional transportation challenges is just a pesky distraction from Kansas City's grand vision of... well, who knows what exactly?

It's quite heartwarming to see federal regulations being cited as the impetus for this potential breakup, conveniently ignoring the fact that those same regulations mandate effective local input in transportation planning. But who needs federal guidelines when you can have your own little fiefdom, right?

The proposed KCMO-MPO would apparently enhance the city's ability to undertake comprehensive planning tailored to its needs. Because nothing screams "efficiency" like duplicating efforts and reinventing the wheel, all in the name of municipal exceptionalism.

In conclusion, it's truly unfortunate that Mayor Lucas seems to have forgotten the age-old adage: "Don't bite the hand that feeds you $40 million." But hey, who needs federal dollars when you can have the satisfaction of going it alone? Long live the spirit of Global Citizenship!

By Josiah Bechthold's AI application


KayceatKC said…
This mayor needs to go! He doesn’t represent the people of Kansas City if he is welcoming illegal migrants here.
OldGeezer2 said…
Apparently Mayor Lucas has NOT seen what happens in other so-called "Sanctuary Cities" regarding crime, lawlessness and importing of hundreds (thousands) of so-called illegal aliens.
THANK God I live in the city that tags itself "UPSTREAM FROM ORDINARY". I will stay that way and avoid the SOTR (south of the river) locations from now on if that is what he wants.
Best he not send them north for that would not set well with the powers that be in other northland locations that are NOT a part of KCMO.
C. Williams said…
Hey Mayor, how about we take care of our own homeless Kansas City population FIRST?!?! We do not need or want any of the chaos created by becoming one of the so called "Sanctuary Cities". We,the people of Kansas City DO NOT support this idea of yours to invite illegal aliens in any way, shape, form or fashion to our beautiful city so it can become a nightmare.........