Gladstone Hardee's Closed for Good.

Gladstone, MO - The beloved Carl Jr's Hardee's located on North Oak Trafficway has announced its closure, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of many locals who have enjoyed the restaurant's offerings for years.  While this lil happy rock  remembers Hardee's most for Paris Hilton's ill fated attempt commercial super stardem two decades ago, the closure of the Hardee's comes as a surprise to many, who considered the fast-food chain a staple in the community.

The Hardee's on North Oak Trafficway has been serving the Gladstone community for over a decade, and its closure is a major blow to the local economy. The restaurant was a popular destination for many locals, including families, students, and workers who enjoyed the fast and convenient service.

For years, the Hardee's has been a meeting place for many Gladstone residents, a place to catch up with friends and family over a delicious burger and fries. The closure of the restaurant has left many locals feeling a sense of loss and nostalgia. My own feelings on it's passing are decidedly mixed. While this rock was once able to give Paris a run for her money, my love of Hardee's didn't always turn out well for me, both financially and physically as evidenced by  expanding waistlines. Still, as you can see above, this lil happy rock can certainly smash a 🍔 better. 

"It's a shame to see the Hardee's go," said longtime Gladstone resident, Cindy Johnson. "I've been coming here with my family for years, and it's always been a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. It's going to be missed."

The closure of the Hardee's is not only a loss for the local community but also for the employees who worked there. Many of the employees were long-term, and the closure has left them without a job.

"I've worked at this Hardee's for over seven years, and it's devastating to see it close," said former employee, Robert Jackson. "I've made many great friends here, and it feels like we're losing a family."

The Hardee's closure is expected to have a ripple effect on the community, particularly on nearby businesses that relied on the fast-food restaurant's foot traffic. The closure may also impact the tax revenue for the city, as Hardee's was a major contributor to the local economy.

Despite the loss of the Hardee's, many residents remain optimistic that a new business will take its place and provide a new source of community pride.

"We're sad to see Hardee's go, but we're excited to see what comes next," said Gladstone resident, Michael Lee. "This is a strong community, and we're confident that we'll bounce back from this."

The closure of the Hardee's on North Oak Trafficway is a reminder of how important local businesses are to the community. As residents mourn the loss of a community staple, they remain hopeful for the future and the possibilities it holds.