Gladstone Going Downhill as as Suspected Drug Needles Proliferate on Side Walks.

Residents of Gladstone, Missouri are expressing concern about the proliferation of drug needles littering public areas throughout the city. In particular, the seedy strip mall on North Oak corridor and the plasma center on 64th Street have been identified as hotspots for drug activity and associated litter.
Alexandria Frias, a Gladstone resident, recently shared her horror at finding a discarded needle near a 7-Eleven on Antioch. "This just made me sick!! I was at 7-eleven on Antioch with my 4year old son. When we got out of the car he went to grab this. I’m so tired of this area I’m about to move to the county. Seriously how can you just leave your dope needle laying around there are baby’s," she wrote in a Facebook post.

Frias is not alone in her concern. Other residents have reported finding drug needles in parks, playgrounds, and even in front of their own homes. Many believe that the North Oak corridor of west Gladstone, which was once a thriving commercial district, is now going downhill due to the prevalence of drug use and associated criminal activity. Shannon Southern related "Yes, the QT  is just as bad. Families with kids coming home from World of Fun stopping to get drinks and snacks before heading home get to see homeless & drug dealers. I found a crack pipe in toilet seat covers."
However, others are not so sure including Scott Stillman "The syringes in question appear to me to be new never used. it's still capped and Junkies tend to NEVER recap after using..  I walk all over the city and I pick them up everywhere even in parks where our children play."

The seedy strip malls  located on the North Oak corridor, has long been identified as a hubs for drug activity. The plasma center on 64th Street has also been identified as a contributor to the problem, with some residents believing that individuals are selling their plasma in order to fund their drug habits.

The proliferation of drug needles is not only a health hazard, but it also creates an unsafe environment for children and families. Residents are calling on city officials to take action and address the issue. Some have suggested increased police presence and regular clean-up efforts to help combat the problem.

It is clear that the issue of drug needles in public areas is a serious concern for residents of Gladstone. Until action is taken, many feel that the North Oak corridor and other areas of the city will continue to suffer. As Alexandria Frias stated, "how can you just leave your dope needle laying around there are baby’s?" It is time for the city to take action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its residents.


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