Intruder Strikes Local Residence, Making Off with Food Supplies; Investigation Underway

Gladstone, Missouri - A bizarre incident occurred last Monday night, near the intersection of Everton and Barry Rd, when an unidentified stranger entered a residence through an unlocked sliding door and made off with various food items, leaving the homeowner perplexed and startled.

The resident, whose identity is being withheld for privacy reasons, recounted the unsettling experience that took place in a house located off of northwest 87th street. Apparently, the homeowner had inadvertently forgotten to lock the sliding door before retiring to bed that fateful night.

At approximately 3:40 AM, the resident was awoken by a sudden thirst, only to discover the sliding door ajar - a situation that left them puzzled, as they were certain of securing the door before sleeping. Concerned for their safety, they immediately locked the door and proceeded to the kitchen, where they stumbled upon a peculiar sight.

To their astonishment, the leftovers from dinner the previous night had vanished from the refrigerator, but the empty dish remained in place. Such an inexplicable occurrence startled the homeowner, leading them to question their own senses.
The following morning brought more astonishing discoveries when the resident sought milk for their breakfast. The entire carton had disappeared, only to be found later on the deck, along with a box of Popsicles. Clearly, the intruder had been brazen enough to raid the refrigerator and take off with the food supplies.
Intent on finding answers and identifying the trespasser, the homeowner reviewed surveillance footage. The video revealed an unknown individual on their back deck, who boldly accessed the sliding door and proceeded to rummage through the fridge, pilfering half a pork loin, milk, apples, and popsicles. Fortunately, the resident's presence in the kitchen appeared to startle the intruder, prompting a swift escape.

Seeking community assistance, the homeowner posted the captured images on the Ring Neighborhood platform. A fellow community member reported spotting the suspect at Smoke Stack on North Oak Trafficway, where he purportedly sought food and money on Wednesday night, July 19th.

According to the eyewitness account, the intruder is described as a male individual of approximately 6 feet tall and weighing around 160 pounds. He possesses very dark, wavy hair and was seen wearing a light-colored hoodie, loose-fitting pants resembling sweats, and light-colored running shoes. Of mixed heritage, the suspect appears to be of middle eastern or Indian descent, or possibly light-complected black, ruling out a Caucasian background. Notably, the individual was also spotted carrying what seemed to be a fanny pack over his shoulder.

Local authorities are now actively investigating the incident, with the hope that the information provided by the Ring Neighborhood member will lead to the identification and apprehension of the intruder.

In light of this disconcerting event, authorities are urging residents in the Gladstone community to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to secure their homes. Ensuring doors and windows are locked during nighttime hours is advised to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the investigation unfolds, local residents are encouraged to report any relevant information to the authorities. The community's collective effort may prove vital in bringing the perpetrator to justice and safeguarding the neighborhood from further intrusions.