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Clay County Commission Freezes Taxes for Senior Citizens

 Clay County Commission Freezes Senior Citizen Property Taxes

Taxes on primary residences for individuals aged 62 or older are now locked in at current rates in Clay County. This tax freeze will persist even if homes undergo reassessment in 2025 or subsequent years, ensuring that taxes remain fixed at the current rate for as long as the resident owns and lives in the home.  On Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 6 pm, the Clay County Commission voted to freeze to approve the ordinance.

In a move to safeguard senior citizens from soaring property taxes, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill 190 into law in July. This legislation empowers counties to halt property tax increases for eligible seniors aged 62 and above, who receive Social Security benefits, own a home, and are obligated to make tax payments on their property.

Several prominent counties, including Jackson, Green, St. Louis, and St. Charles, have already embraced this initiative. Now, the spotlight turns to Clay County as the Commission approved Senate Bill 190. This was a  pivotal moment for the senior residents of Clay County. 

Commissioner Joanne Lawson spearheaded the formation of a committee months ago, dedicated to advancing Senate Bill 190 within Clay County. The committee's goal is to secure the well-being of local seniors by preventing them from being taxed out of their homes.

Mary Hill a prominent local activist and a supporter of the bill, expressed her Joy "5 to 1 in favor of passage of SB 190, here in Clay County !! Gigantic, gigantic turnout. Everyone raised their little flag in the audience to show support for this. Thank you, to the State Legislature and Governor Mike Parson for making this possible for seniors !!!"

This legislation is a lifeline for seniors in Clay County, mirroring successful implementations in other regions. The freeze on property taxes promises stability and security for older residents, ensuring they can maintain their homes without the fear of escalating tax burdens.