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Clay County Government Contemplates Expanding Bicycle Trails

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Clay County, MO Government Contemplates Approval for Proposed US Bicycle Route 51

Clay County, Missouri - The Clay County government is currently considering a proposal for that will expand the existing bicycle routes. Spearheaded by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the Missouri Bike Federation, and the Adventure Cycling Association, the initiative aims to create a comprehensive and interconnected network of bicycle routes across the state.

The proposed expansion involves the designation of USBR 51, which is set to define bicycle routes for traveling cyclists along the west side of Missouri, connecting Iowa to Arkansas. The anticipated designation of USBR 51 in 2024 will cover a substantial distance of 553.8 miles, running north to south in western Missouri.

The proposed route through Clay County encompasses various roads, starting from Clinton County on SE Dykes Rd. and passing through key locations such as 194th Street, Old BB Hwy, NE 172nd Street, Ragsdale Rd., NE 164th Street/Jesse James Farm Rd., NE 161st Street, paths through Watkins Woolen Mill State Park, Watkins Rd., NE 184th Street/State Street, and into Lawson, Salem Rd., N Main Street, E. Broadway Ave., Temple Ave. in Excelsior Springs, MO-10 E/Isley Blvd., and a series of MoDot roads into Ray County.

The selection of roads for a US Bicycle Route involves a careful balance between low traffic, direct routing, access to services (bike shops, motels, campgrounds, etc.), access to points of interest, and scenic roads. Long-distance bicycle tourists, the primary users of such routes, are experienced riders accustomed to varying road conditions and traffic levels.

Proposed Route thru Clay County

Approval for the proposed route has already been secured from all jurisdictions south of the Missouri River, with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) submitting a letter of support to MoDOT. Additionally, both Clinton County and the City of Excelsior Springs have given their approval for their respective portions of the route.

Deputy County Administrator Walters and Sheriff Akin have reviewed the proposed route through Clay County and recommend approval to the County Commissioner. The next step requires authorization to move forward with a Resolution of support for USBR 51 through Clay County.

As the Clay County government contemplates this decision, the potential approval of USBR 51 could significantly enhance the cycling infrastructure in the region, offering a new and exciting opportunity for bicycle enthusiasts and promoting tourism and local businesses along the designated route.