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I-69 traffic Shifts onto New Missouri River Bridge

In a significant development set to reshape the commuting landscape, Northland drivers traversing to and from downtown Kansas City are poised to encounter a major transition next week.

Commencing on Monday, Jan. 29, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., construction crews are slated to redirect northbound traffic from the venerable Buck O'Neil Bridge to one of the recently erected river bridges.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has underscored that this traffic adjustment will unfold gradually, with potential lane closures and flag-wielding crews guiding northbound U.S. 169 Highway drivers through the process.

While southbound traffic will continue to be rerouted to I-29/I-35 until the autumn of 2024, this traffic reconfiguration signals the cessation of travel across the existing Buck O'Neil Bridge for those heading north.

According to MoDOT, this strategic shift is a pivotal step, enabling construction crews to initiate work on the second river bridge. The endeavor to replace the aging bridge, which commenced in 2021, is anticipated to culminate in the completion and unveiling of the new bridge in December 2024.