"Preserving America's Legacy: A Call for Unity and Protection of Local Communities"

By Kristine Bunch

Something to learn in this post! I’ll even go out on a limb and suggest that a meeting of the minds is always better for our community, our Country and if people could just agree to disagree on topics, I believe we could retain America
🇺🇸 I’ll state it again, it’s not about the local developers that are getting all the yes, yes, yes votes I’m as concerned about…. It’s the investors and developers buying their property after them! I spoke to Jay Ashcroft and foreigners are buying our Agricultural land and building large developments single and multifamily. In my opinion, if we don’t start protecting our own, it’s going to be a lot more destruction than outside investors, they’ll be international investors and some are already in Smithville now! Praying for our Leaders 🦅🇺🇸

 To the Developers, be mindful of the Legacy Residents please, they built our town not to watch you destroy it for your investments. Bigger picture is we’re losing America and LLCs are being used and sold to the highest bidder, so it’s not about the Eric Craig’s or Shane Crees, it’s honestly about the buyers after these guys. If that doesn’t make sense, look around at our Country and watch who’s buying our Agricultural Land (China, Russia, BlackRock), it started Federally then State and it’s making its way locally and while developers here in town laugh all the way to the polling booths by supporting Candidates that are ignorant (not knowing) and they can tell these Candidates how to help them in City Government for their own investments, it’s just alarming to me not too many people see this happening. For those that do, can you please start speaking up?

Edited by Josiah Bechthold